17 01 2010

Speed Cameras are horrible; not only are they just annoying when driving they are used by government as a reminder as to who is in charge and that you aren’t free to go about your business or be slightly rebellious.

What’s worse is that they capture you doing something that hasn’t actually caused any harm (not to say that it won’t) and has probably even helped people as you aren’t holding them up  – although the socialist driver will say that it is inconsiderate driving – they can’t stand people getting ahead, and will often either attempt to block your path or just not be considering others, resulting in them doing 45mph in the middle/fast lanes when either the first lane is empty or has another car doing 44mph so even blocking an ‘undertake’ maneuver.

So as speed cameras are here to stay, how’s about lane cameras for those that are the root cause of most problems, delays and accidents  on the motorways.

I give you, the LaneHogCam (click to enlarge):

A panoramic camera is stuck on a gantry that can see for about half a mile in either direction, which monitors traffic.

If nothing has passed for a while, but it sees something in the distance in the middle/3rd lane (it can detect by headlights at night) then it starts to record (well, it can record all the time but it wakes up and thinks at this point)

The camera will also monitor the other 2 lanes either to see if there is an empty one they should be in, or for a vehicle they have failed to overtake in a reasonable time. The other lane is monitored to see if they have forced one to overtake (reducing motorway capacity by a third!) – perhaps also monitor to see if there are following vehicles as it gets closer.

As the chosen vehicle passes the camera, the numberplate is read and then a warning shown on the big LED gantry things (well, they should be LED)

The camera continues to monitor and if there is no change then they are sent a fine (with a URL link to the video) for driving without due care or whatever.

Much fairer than a speed camera as they are actually doing something bad and also get an opportunity to fix their behaviour before a fine.

There was talk of them getting drone planes to follow people to do for speeding, but it would be much better that they monitor trafficmaster then send the drone to where there’s an odd queue forming and look for lanehogs there as above.

Wouldn’t work in bad weather but then that’s OK as you might be in the middle lane if the 1st is flooded  but little excuse in the dry.

Should also detect if people are driving with their foglights on when it was only misty a few weeks ago.




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3 05 2012
Manefesto For London « Norm Brainer's Solutions for a Greater Britain

[…] unlimited sections to stop it becoming a target. Fines should be given for not making progress or lane hogging… if you think it’s OK to drive at 40mph on an dry motorway then you should get the […]

15 06 2012

Just made a comment on this
which seems relevant……
Wheel spins? Don’t harm anyone – And pushing in a queue is making use of available space… should merge in turn.

And if you can “undertake” then there has to be a middle lane hog!

But whatever, a fine is fine, but 3 points is the problem given you only get 12 for a ban.
Perhaps it should be able to be done with cameras, but have fines of around £10 and half a point.
… more of a gentle reminder to do the right thing rather than threatening harsh punishment on the whim of a particular police officer.

All video footage can go online and appeals can be judged by the public

That last idea I thought is good if I say so myself – If members of the public could have authorised video cameras (in return for cheap insurance perhaps) that can also upload footage which is then given a thumbs up or down by the public.
Now on the face that may seem a bit Big Brother, but it’s the opposite – Yes we’re being watched and judged, but by our peers instead of gov’t.

6 06 2013

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